Answers to frequently asked questions

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An innovative application like Erp4All is expected to cause questions and queries. There are a lot of issues that every user is facing when using a new application. An effort to answer some of these is presented here.

Of course. Contact us for a demonstration at your premises. Time limited, for 15 days, version is also available. It's a full functioning version and you can use and test it with your data. When the time duration passes the application is no longer functioning.
For the time being Erp4All supports Atlantis, Xline from Altec and SoftOne ERP from SoftOne. Additional ERP applications will be added soon.
Updating Erp4All is an on-line process which requires little or none human intervention.
Of course. You can relate a user of Erp4All with an object of your ERP, eg customer, and he can register orders directly to your ERP system.
Yes. Erp4All can function under whatever url we want it to use. For example if your site is www.example.com, Erp4All can be made to function under www.example.com/erp4all, living all other site structure intact.
Certainly. In fact, it's recommended to protect all or part of Erp4All with a 256bit certification and SSL protocol.