Erp4All's potential is only limited by it's use

  • Global access

    Access your pages and information from all mobile devices. All major OSes are supported, iPhone, Android, Windows, Blackberry. Erp4All appears the same to all mobile devices regardless of screen size and resolution. The administration section is only accessible from a desktop for extra security.

  • ERP

    Erp4All is coupled to three top Greek ERP applications, Atlantis and XLine from Altec and SoftOne ERP from SoftOne. Communication with these applications is done with their WebService service. All data interchange are subject to all checks and transformations as if you were using the ERP. This way data integrity and correct update are ensured. Support for multiple companies and branches.

  • Installation

    Erp4All can be installed on Windows, OSX or Linux. It only needs a web server. Both major web servers can be used, Apache or IIS, but it's not limiting to these only. Cloud installation is also possible, like Amazon AWS or Windows Azure. System requirements depend on the OS and the number of potential users.

  • Forms

    Forms can contain main objects like customers or suppliers but also master-slave objects like invoices or orders. Access to every form is granted per user and user permissions can be any combination of insert, update, delete. Every form have the ability to provide documents that are related to it and it's records. Can display information map with addresses and routes and routes from mobile positions. Relations between forms and reports. When looking at a customer your can move to his sales report or invoices form. Special data entry fields, like VAT number which checks the number against G.S.I.S.

  • Reports

    Report creation for all company information with the use of select SQL statements. Special fields relating to forms or other reports, calculated fields, pictures - for creation of price catalogs - totals of columns etc. User access control. Export of report to excel, csv, text and printer friendly version of the report.

  • Web pages

    The web pages are created with a special editor which helps to design and visualize the page. You can create pages for all visitors of your site and pages only for registered users, providing them with information needed when outside of your premises. Pages are divided into two major categories, those for mobile content or not. This division helps in creating pages with mobile specific content. All pages are grouped together under menus easily.

  • Multilingual

    This application is designed in such a way that enables it to be multilingual, as long as translations for a particular language are available. Upon installation English translations are available by default. All forms, reports, pages and menus can be categorized according to a language setting and only those for the language in effect will be displayed.

  • Messages

    A simple messaging service is also included at the application's features. It can deliver messages to the users of the system without the need of extra server or software. All major actions are supported, reply, forward, sending to multiple recipients. Messages are also available at the mobile section of Erp4All for immediate info and response.

  • Personal appearance

    Every user can choose the way Erp4All will look when he logs in. Two templates are provided with each installation and both have a number of different variations like colors, background etc. Language preference is also an option for each user, making the application truly multilingual. He can choose from any language that is installed to the system.